Saturday, August 25, 2007


Jeanette loves horses and spent many years riding, then training other riders, and training the horses they rode from breaking (gently) to racing.

Jeanette even trained me (no laughing... I’m talking about riding horses here) and I, in my own turn, have trained a few horses and even had one go on to the track and win.

Today, with all of the sheep and dairy goats and angora goats and angora rabbits and llamas and chickens and spinning and weaving and the store and the shows we don’t seem to have the time to ride anymore, but we haven’t been able to just leave that part of our history behind and have 4 pasture decorations (aka horses) still hanging about. With the gas prices hovering around $3 per gallon, we’re talking about taking them out of retirement and making ‘em remember that they know how to pull a cart.

Don’t tell them that, though, as I’m sure they would not like the idea at all.



How is it that Jeanette’s Arabian horses can look so elegant on camera and my Morgan, Nugget, has to display an attitude worthy, I withdraw the question.

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked about the farm is about the name of the farm. They ask, “why name your farm that way and not raise horses for sale?”

Actually, the name came from playing anagrams with our last names-Hoefer and Larson-and the closest we could come to real words was Lafer Hoerson... Laffing Horse. Now we tell people that the horses are laffing because they’re the only critters not getting sheared.